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  1. They just ignore us these devs😂 Everyone get call of duty Mobile 😁😁 Can't get a decent reply or any support from these people lol
  2. Don't think we scared them off they just wrote the game off 😂😂 there's no developers for football clash :((
  3. Rft😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  4. Hope everyone comes back when there's an update 🙏🏻
  5. Yes in order for the game to keep moving forward new ideas and new content needs to be added to keep it alive , many of us have every player maxed and what's there to play for anymore ? We don't even need to take part in League packs , making the rest of our league take the fall and not achieve higher League packs thus making the game less interesting for everyone else 🙈 If you look at all the league's non of them are getting above 9 or 10/13 in the pack . ☹️ I've enjoyed this game and many others have .. manager cards NEEDS To be REMOVED asap . New players need to be added frequently as we always need something to look forward to Please take steps in listening to us as a community - we have lost many friends and league mates due to people losing hope and we don't want everyone to take the same route☹️
  6. Meezi

    Need help

    @Alex(SM Support) thank you so much , issue was finally resolved ! more then happy for then help 💪🏻♥️
  7. Meezi

    Need help

    Selectively replying again 😔 I thought the support will atleast reply to me .
  8. Can't say I'm disappointed BC this is an ongoing issue with the support group - they do not respond in time and some of us go months without being assisted . Seems to me they've started giving selective replies . As a long term player of the game it only seems to get worse as time goes by and some of us if not most of us are really losing hope . We play hoping to keep the game alive as it seems it's dying already and players such as us still aren't looked after . As a record holder for the most trophies in a season and the most season ranked trophy player the game has seen , I am truly disappointed . ☹️ Please see below my query from a whole month ago which I was promised to me assisted with yet im starting to be ignored 🤦🏻‍♂️ Many other players who have lost their accounts and need help aren't assisted too and we all in turn are thinking of "retirement" our league has been created and what's funny is that it's taken first place two weeks in a row and the devs still don't see.
  9. Hi I'm Meezi , please update my stats too ?😂🙈
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