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  1. Impressive results against Chelsea and great job in winning the Europa League!! Can't wait to hear how next season goes for you in the champions league! Good luck!!
  2. in that case, set up a 4231A with only fullbacks, have one deep-lying playmaker and one ball-winning player in DM positions, and have the wingers play as either attacking playmakers or wide forwards (i don't think it matters which player role u give to wingers based from my experience) for tactics, play normal mentality with normal width, fast tempo you can play either direct or mixed (maybe play direct for this match, so ball gets played directly to attackers) shoot on sight, play early crosses or mixed, and through balls and for defense, do pressing own half only, hard tackling, and normal back line (I used some of these tactics as everton manager and managed to win/draw against 5 of the big 6 premier league teams, chelsea included, and even beat arsenal twice) anyway see if this works 👍
  3. Only took me two seasons but I won the champions league, beating spurs 5-1 as well as winning the DFB Pokal. Had a lot of goalscorers in my team and Sancho/Reus were amazing in both seasons Wonder if i should do a third season now or transfer to a different team. Any ideas?
  4. Maybe try to be flexible with tactics between leagues, particularly formations I guess... Managing Dortmund right now and i often switch between 4231 and 4312 for domestic and Champions league respectively
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