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  1. Maybe you should change your forward as a target man, put one playmaker in the midfield, and change the two centre back as a stopper.. set your winger to play early crossing.. mixed passing style will be the right choice.. and your tackling style should be normal or maybe hard.. 

    Also don't put your back line too far from the midfielder.. 

    maybe it can be work.. because its works for me

  2. What is the meaning of this? Screenshot_2019-04-25-17-55-11.png.26649c15677aa61b4185b82385bdc2cc.pngScreenshot_2019-04-25-17-55-29.png.4c2329be6c27df1c8ccb9631bc9ddadb.pngScreenshot_2019-04-25-17-55-40.png.d940d2bb1a278001f2b3846949a276e6.png

    Is this a new features of SM19 ? If its true, on which version? 

    I found that in this videos https://youtu.be/axbuJBVqUyM

    #sorry if my english bad

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