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  1. Every once in a while I log onto this forum just to see what’s happening and every single time I’m disappointed. Yeah ok your manager thing is getting you guys money, but isn’t that the knock off version of fm? Maybe try something original with Football Clash. Yeah it was a complete steal from Clash Royal but who cares. Give us stuff to play. Invest in the game. I remember when this game was popping on the charts, youtubers were getting ads. There was people from young to old playing. Then the game was just let to rot. This game can easily do numbers. Huge numbers. You’ve already got a core to build on. Just give it a chance. ngl I want it to be like the earlier days. People would compete while having fun. Obviously there was a toxic time but it was still fun. For me it was the best time of the game. Bring it back. Maybe I don’t deserve it but there are some people who certainly do.
  2. Yoooo. Just hopped on for second. I’m a legend😭😭. Dream come true.
  3. Arnav™


    They can’t even do one side of it, Fuera. If we do 2 sides, the game will explode.
  4. First of all, can’t we get something new in the game? Been ages that we’re waiting for players like the Kyle Walker and others. Just put them in arena. Add some new players. What’s hard in that? I may sound stupid but adding a card shouldn’t be hard at all. If you can’t fix the gameplay, at least give us content. Speaking about gameplay, can’t you just keep trophies in tournaments? Isn’t there a dip in players and trophies when they aren’t? Also gameplay related: manager boosts/cards or whatever you call them. The whole community except a couple of delusional guys have been wanting them out. I got a message from support saying that you guys listen to the community, if you do, do us a favor and REMOVE them. We’ve been saying this since the day they’ve come out. Nothing happened about the post by @Tahmid about Messi and how his boost should be changed. LISTEN TO US. LISTEN TO THE IDEAS. This will go unnoticed as always but we NEED a change to this game.
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