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  1. Wanted to see if anyone around! This forum is dead. So trying to revive it a bit by talking nonsense football. Start was dreadful for the decade: COVID and then Liverpoo got the title ☹️ after 30 years walking alone(because of Fergie of cuz). Man s*ity got their ass saved by their million euros lawyers. Imagine being in champions league spot and not being able to qualify for it 😂. And now Baldiola can spent milliards on fullbacks again 😂. Gotta feel for Leicester got their dream crushed by their own man big headed harry Maguire and thnx to Evans 2 for dat win (our guy) and give us 3rd place. T
  2. Yo, play more then! we are bored playing bots.
  3. Devs and Moderators We Football clashers need competition and motivation to play games. Most of times the arena are full of bots now, after you changed the tournaments. Many players don’t have Klose, Kompany, legacies..etc. We ask you to change the tournaments and give player rewards! Hope you respond well Xav
  4. His (conquer) trophies has not reset for few weeks now. Try to fix as soon as possible, it’s irritating us.
  5. Take this to your devs, that we currently only want the damn super boosts cards to disappear and wanna see the old tactical boost. That will make the game playable a bit more.
  6. Appreciate your explanation on the plan on this game. But you have to understand our frustration. You can still make some little changes to revive the game lively. We don’t want to play against superbots, the old tactical boost was the best. The current one is making playing this game hell for us and it’s also a reason why the game is dying. We ain’t asking for huge game update just bring that OLD TACTICAL BOOSTS or remove the current one completely from the game. I hope we can get a satisfying answer from you. Xav
  7. Hallo Football Clasher in 2020. Is anyone still alive to see this message if it’s then wake up pls. Almost no messages here in this new decade. I have seen some old wankers return in game so why not here? Sorry if I being fudgy here!
  8. Still no fuckin warning or edit. You can just literally swear whatever fuck you want to write 😂 that just shows how fuckin irresponsible now days they are😭😂😂😂😂😂
  9. To the Devs, Why do you this special offer shit when you can’t give your game users good service.
  10. I hope they realise an update. There is literally no aim to play for with all the bugs.
  11. Hallo Friends Its been very very long time.I wanted see if anyone still around here.
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