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  1. Youth players and reports My coaches are all 5* (academy points to full), yet 100% of academy youth players promoted to the senior team over 6 seasons get a return result of "close to potential" or "unlikely to improve further". If this is true why are they in the academy at all, with a rating 40-55? If they actually are capable of growth, what's the point in the coaches if they give you such terrible reporting and can't tell you if there's a prospect - if not a star at least a player capable of reaching 80? Secondly, why are they being promoted to the senior team without some level of report offered as default? Why must you use 1 of 3 coach reports taking 30 days to get information? They have just been coached - we should already know what their prospective is. Also, there is major discrepancy between scout and coach reports. I can purchase an expensive young player who is scouting as "world class" potential, yet the coach report comes back with a suggestion to sell soon as they won't improve. A big part of FIFA once you are past the first 5 seasons is youth team players, who obviously don't exist in the real world. For this game to work in later seasons the academy and scouting needs to be functional. It seems utterly pointless at the moment. Training drills Why is there no system to select who you want to be in the pool for training? If I'm training set pieces, I don't want a youth reserve team CB to get all the points to penalties, I want a first team forward - or at least mid fielder... Iast time I counted, it took over 10 weeks of drilling advanced goalkeeping before it gave a single point to my starting keeper - who is young and has plenty of growth potential. The rest it selected a group of recently promoted youth players who I wouldn't be keeping anyway (due to coach reports problem above). Seriously? That's insane. I'd be better of emptying the reserves and reducing the first team to the minimum of 20.
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