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  1. I will make a newstart when sm2020 will release.
  2. Hi I would be happy if this thing would be realised 2nd Czech League Sponsors Set Ticket price Improve goals Ability to choose opponents for Friendly matches Thx
  3. The Second video is here! We'll play again Rsenborg BK in the qualifiing round of the Champions league and again 1.FC Slovácko in a friendly match
  4. Hi guys In this toppic i will share videos from me playing SM19 and i will lead a club from every leagues (in the countries Czechia, Germany, England and Spain) to the trophy in the Champions league! I think the hardest club will be from the England National league Please share some tips for me in this topic becouse i am nt very gd player of this game (when i was manager from Bayern München i fall down to the Bundesliga 3 ( 3. Liga)) Thx. I Started with a club from Czechia, SK Slavia Praha And here is the first video
  5. Hi, I'd like to add a second Czech league and FAČR Cup, because I think it's not fair when there are 4 English leagues, 3 German leagues and at least 2 Cups in these two countries and only 1 league and no cup in the Czech Republic Thx for understanding P.S. I apologize for my bad English, but I can't speak English
  6. Hi I have 2 requests: Could you please add the 2nd league in Czech Republic? I would like to have an option to quickmatch the game so i have not to watch them I hope they will come in SM20 or in an uptade of SM19 thx for understanding
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