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  1. 当我们需要按下进攻时 When the opponent is strong,we need to defend well and seek counter - attack opportunities
  2. In the middle of 21/22 season,I transfered from real Madrid to Chelsea. Unfortunatly,i encounter real Madrid in the champions league quarter-finals. I lost the first round. Then I gave it my all in the second round. I directed all the players to press forward In the end, Ben Yedder accomplished the final hit!!!It's too crazy!! My goalkeeper REINA has same property as Casillas!
  3. we cannot change player'age.When a player aged,his stamina will recover slower. A player's stamina become higher ,his stamina will consume slower in a match. (just my own opinion)
  4. Saul(box-box) and Casemiro(ball-winning)can keep middle safe. kroos(playmaker) can Complete the attack and defense conversion in side.Asensio can break on the left. Bale(forward/finisher) can be a Complete Forward,and salah(supporr striker) will support hom. fast tempo+normal mentality+normal width+normal creativity mixed passing/attacking style+work ball into box+make overlapping runs+run at defence own half pressing+hard tackling style+normal back line
  5. 4years with 11 cups! I have found new Ronaldo!(in last est picture)
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