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  1. I currently own a club in a top division of an English league, I've tried to keep at least 8 English players in my team, I am also currently decreasing my squad size from 29 players to 25 (as the homegrown player rule) I wondered what everyone else's thoughts where on this rule that is currently in place in RL football and also whether it would be a good idea to implement it in game? I agree with the rule 100% in real life, the top division is heavily populated with players of a different nationality, I understand there is sometimes a lack of skill within England's home grown football players, but at the same time, not allowing the English players to grow in the top leagues can't help this, I also feel that there are many a young talent which are dropped well before reaching anywhere near their potential. In game; I know in my game world being an English league, many teams would benefit, we have a consistent winner every season of most of the competitions (54 layer squad with 2 English youngsters) and I personally like the level of balance that this could bring into the game, I believe also this would encourage players to join older game worlds as the top divisions wouldn't be able to be as heavily dominated by 1 or 2 players hoarding the 20+ best international players with very little to no English players. Maybe I just take the whole game too seriously, it is after all just a game, I just can't understand how winning everything every season with no competition is any fun, I find the bitterness of losing adds to it for me - as it does in real life!
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