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  1. JamGoo

    Save Game gone.......

    Hi, thanks for your reply. Yes i seemed to have VIP membership back, there was a moment where when i had loaded up the game yesterday i did not and that was what caused me to noticed no load game icon in the top, after restarting my phone a few times, wiating until i was home n using wifi i noticed the game had updated [from 1.2.6] and it was showing i had VIP once more. As for deleting saves, i had not noticed anything / no notification on my phone [its only 2 weeks old! lol] I was just rather annoyed as i was hooked playing the game and had purchased a few things to only see them all vanish.
  2. JamGoo

    Save Game gone.......

    Ok appears there was a update of sorts - 1.2.7 My game now is showing i have VIP but still no load save? [Still out of pocket by £35 ish lol.
  3. JamGoo

    Save Game gone.......

    Attached at screenshots of when i was playing my 1 and only save / purchase history. and then in game random shots.
  4. JamGoo

    Save Game gone.......

    Ok, restarted my phone, thinking maybe it was my device, now on load up it doesnt even show VIP under SM19.....i can prove to admis/mod/support ive purchased it, a bundle etc via my google purchase history too.....i had logged in the game via the same gmail account and even had connected via facebook
  5. Issue Summary: Loaded up game today to find no save game. Issue Details: So loaded up SM19 and noticed my save file was gone and it was only showing me New Game, had only been playing a few days but had purchased the VIP membership and a bundle etc [as it was on offer] It is showing SM 19 VIP but Countries selected at start: England, Scotland, Germany, Spain Game Date(when issue was found): 14.05.19 / 16.00 Device details; BRAND : Samsung MODEL : S10+ OS : Android 9 VERSION : SM19 - 1.2.6 Any Additional Information(What can we do to reproduce the issue?):
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