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  1. right, that would be a great help!
  2. write a few messages to programmers may reply
  3. this is a bug that everyone has and I don't know why the developers didn't fix it
  4. boy, wake up this is not and will not be fifa lmao
  5. Napisz w języku angielskim może ktoś ci pomoże, chociaż wątpie bo obecnie twórcy skupiają się nad pracą z sm21
  6. in sm21 it will be available in the game
  7. d3ka

    Data Pack Problem

    try it may use a different data pack than the one that doesn't work for you
  8. d3ka

    Data Pack Problem

    do you play on pc or on a mobile device?
  9. I don't know how, I can help you so I just mean a developer @Theo(SM Support)
  10. maybe you have a bad training session
  11. winning a league, cup or promotion to a higher league affects whether the player is interested
  12. d3ka

    Game wont launch

    what are you playing on?
  13. sm20 one of the inferior versions
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