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  1. I don't have a retry button anywhere, what can I do?
  2. d3ka

    sm20 steam bug

    two weeks of waiting for the simplest error to be repaired, then we get updates that shitly introduces and we still have a database problem
  3. or change it to sm21
  4. please do steam sm20 at 60 fps because we are not in 2004 when our games were max 30fps
  5. d3ka

    no data pack

    i want play sm20 on steam but i cant ://// helpp me
  6. d3ka


    why I dont see offers in the mailbox and after a few days I get a message that I did not accept the offer.
  7. hello @Theo(SM Support)@Alex(SM Support) if would be great if a function was added when only 4,000 people came to our stadium with 20,000 people, and that whole grandstand was not taken by the fans.
  8. yes, pc version on steam will in december
  9. boy, sleep in the closet that you do not know that in 2 days SM20 comes out and everything you wrote will be available in the game?
  10. you cant play anymore
  11. yet you can skip celebration XDD
  12. d3ka


    nobody knows because devs do not inform.
  13. d3ka

    sm 20 beta

    nope, wait until 1september when the beata version opens
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