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  1. you cant play anymore
  2. yet you can skip celebration XDD
  3. d3ka


    nobody knows because devs do not inform.
  4. d3ka

    sm 20 beta

    nope, wait until 1september when the beata version opens
  5. if you want to know more about the sm20 beta then go to the sm20 forum because I see you have access
  6. hmm check last matches and their settings, set the same in the game and in my opinion the "neutral" setting "wide" and above all "discipline"
  7. that's exactly how it works
  8. so what if you won the europe league is normal in the real world that the players do not want to go to the rival or are simply not interested in your team
  9. not every soccer player wants to go to a weaker team or a team with fewer fans
  10. d3ka


    ale na szczescie 1 wrzesnia juz sm20beta bedzie dostepna dla wszystkich na sklep play i ios
  11. glory glory manchester united ❤️🖤
  12. it was mentioned in several posts that phase 1 will last for 2 weeks until August 14
  13. maybe you'll finally start reading various publications on the blog or here on the forum about the second phase, etc.?
  14. exactly every fan wants it! I have a question why you do not have the rank of beta tester on the forum?
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