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  1. was supposed to be this week but nothing new
  2. Okay, you are right, it happens in fact that weaker teams outplay better ones, but in your game the match engine and reality are completely dead, because 3/4 of my matches with weaker ones look like this, my chemistry level is over 90, players' morale is good or very good, so it's rather the engine's fault
  3. d3ka


    chill, it's only beta, developers working with optimisation
  4. many times I played in the advantage of one player, after the opponent got a red card and I never noticed an advantage on my part, such aspects should be more polished to make the game realistic. @Alex(SM Support)
  5. you can still decide, nothing has been deleted
  6. you can see a significant improvement in the game of goalkeepers after the update, but it is still not ideal because goalkeepers lose goals after shots that practically pass through their gloves, now go to the game of defenders and midfielders, these two formations run around the field as if they were lost, they lose cover many times (by what the opponent creates opportunities for a goal) the attempt to take over ball by the defenders and midfielders is poor, despite setting an aggressive reception, thus opponents bypass my players like cones. See ya later
  7. exactly, I also have problems on the phone during the match to see the ball, let alone the quick action in the penalty area, these shots are way too far away
  8. Okay, I checked the soccer wiki and there are also out-of-date details of the teams from the Polish league, so now I come asking how can I edit information about the club and players?
  9. I saw that some leagues are already updated, but for example, in the Polish league, which I often like to play, some clubs still have old stadiums and not updated line-ups and no coats of arms in PNG format.
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