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  1. On 1/25/2021 at 11:07 AM, Theo(SM Support) said:

    Hi, thanks for the message.

    There is not one main thing that influences the match engine. It's been in development and constant improvement for years so its very complex. There is hundreds of factors and everything can play its part and influence things.

    Personally I find that Chemistry is very important and is often overlooked by players of SM21. Keep your player's/squad Chemistry high by giving enough game time and using Training effectively. Also make sure you set up player roles and try different play styles. Use Boosts if you need to. It requires experimentation.

    Also, it is very possible in real life for clubs to have superior players and tactics and still lose.



    Okay, you are right, it happens in fact that weaker teams outplay better ones, but in your game the match engine and reality are completely dead, because 3/4 of my matches with weaker ones look like this, my chemistry level is over 90, players' morale is good or very good, so it's rather the engine's fault :)


  2. you can see a significant improvement in the game of goalkeepers after the update, but it is still not ideal because goalkeepers lose goals after shots that practically pass through their gloves, now go to the game of defenders and midfielders, these two formations run around the field as if they were lost, they lose cover many times (by what the opponent creates opportunities for a goal) the attempt to take over ball by the defenders and midfielders is poor, despite setting an aggressive reception, thus opponents bypass my players like cones.
    See ya later 

  3. 48 minutes ago, Alex(SM Support) said:

    There has been a lot of disruption around the world with leagues ending. European Continental Competitions are only coming to a close this weekend and Certainly transfer windows are not closed. 

    The phased completion of the data updates is required this year more than most!

    The game data we use is also community generated via soccerwiki.org which will be seeing a major update before the end of the year. So it should be easier for our community to keep the game data as up to date as possible.

    Okay, I checked the soccer wiki and there are also out-of-date details of the teams from the Polish league, so now I come asking how can I edit information about the club and players?


    in the current version on android 1.0.1 (b1374)
    1. most of the matches are unfinished because after the match is over, I do not have a continuation, but I still see the view of the field where there are no players, so now I only have to play quick matches

    2. The second thing is a request to restore the interesting information that was found in the sm20, when our player suffered an injury, the message contained information for how many days our player pauses and how many matches he will miss, now it is missing and this option was really helpful.
    Thank you for your attention, I will send another opinion in a few days: D

    3. when setting up the tactic, I would like it to look like in sm20 I mean that if we take into account, for example, deepening it in orange and red, they displayed positions that I do not want to deepen, in SM21 I have not seen it yet and this option was also helpful because if we play a career with the RoadToGlory club, we do not know each player and their nominal positions.

    Thank you for your attention, I will send another opinion in a few days: D

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  5. 6 hours ago, errguro said:

    So, I was checking the forums and I've decided to read the rules ☺️ so here it goes my "officially" bug report:

    Issue Summary: I can't negotiate bids

    Issue Details:

    When I receive an offer for a player in my team, no matter if it was a player that I've listed for transfer or an unlisted player and I try to negotiate the bid by selecting the option "Your bid was too low" I can only make counter offers of values lower than 100€, no matter the player value.

    Countries selected at start:
    I don't know how to be sure about this one, but when I choose the "League select" option I can see the Portuguese, Spanish, English, Italian, Netherlander, Greek, German and French leagues.
    Game Date(when issue was found): 27/04/2020

    Device details;

                  BRAND            : Asus

                  MODEL            : TUF

                  OS                    : Windows 10 Home

                  VERSION        : 1909

    this is a bug that everyone has and I don't know why the developers didn't fix it

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