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  1. thank you I got an e-mail with a message where I can download, so I start testing :D and you players got the game?
  2. hahaha subscribers, fans and players
  3. what ahaha? you are a tester and now we have to wait for an e-mail with information about the download of the beta
  4. I do not have an idea, but it probably will be like in sm19 when you were leaving sm19, you could transfer the record from sm18
  5. thanks for tip man, but no i dont have access beta f2 target tekkers game. i do not need this only to sm20 so honestly
  6. Have you already played sm20 beta? I got the approval of applying for a beta tester, 2 weeks ago but I did not get a mark on the forum that I'm a tester so you know I do not know what's going on. I hope it's just not the convenience of stuffs
  7. how the fuck late I gave 4 requests on the 1st day of the announcement about sm20 beta?
  8. unless you have to wait for confirmation that you have become a beta tester and will send you various beta versions
  9. good idea second polish league
  10. hello I got a week ago notification on gmail with I became a beta tester and I did not get today's access to the sm20 beta and do you know why I do not have a marked on the forum that I'm a beta tester like you have?
  11. I JOIN FOR QUESTION @Theo(SM Support)
  12. d3ka


    where is beta sm20? I got access to the soccer manager beta and I do not have access to the BETA TESTER forum
  13. skiping matches is useless really guy 😛
  14. T @Theo(SM Support) hi, will there be different photos before the game is released, where new improvements will be shown in sm20?
  15. hey, at this point the whole soccer manager staff is working on a new version of soccer manager 2020 to be the best, and probably that's why football clash is put aside right now
  16. great idea @Theo(SM Support) check this
  17. good idea pls add in next sm @Theo(SM Support)
  18. d3ka


    I add to the question
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