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  1. uu widze polaka +1 please Polish Language @Theo(SM Support)
  2. I am sure that SM20 will be much better than its previous version, looking forward to waiting impatiently for the new SM 20
  3. +1 Exactly such dialogues would be fun to diversify the game
  4. good idea guy SM20 ❀️
  5. pls polish language
  6. +1 pleasse creators of the sm let add the canceling of the match or unfolding to another date
  7. and will we get some tiny screen shot of the new sm20? please @Bamber
  8. Are you leaving because the programmers will be expanding or just will not be another sm? @Bamber
  9. when will be the first information about the news in sm20? @Bamber
  10. but you could improve these options a lot
  11. in my opinion, it would be better if it cost $ 5 but it was very polished and not as it is in sm19
  12. ooohh very good idea man
  13. Please add halftime team talk for to motivate players, especialy when your team has 18 shots but only 3 on target. When players get back from loan add a report stating their stats and when players are on loan their rating should improve. Player of the season announcement. Stop just adding random players to team of the season but rather based on stats because its frustrating to see players up there when they dont even perform well. Youth academy leagues to help youth development apart from loaning them. But their training and development should be based on youth facility upgrades. I know it wil
  14. @Theo(SM Support) @Alex(SM Support)@Bamber
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