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  1. Same - really frustrating as i drew the leg i played but the computer automated a 3-1 defeat in the other leg so there goes a whole season, out of my hands! Has this been resolved at all in SM19 then or is it just going to be fixed in SM20? It's a huge and frankly ridiculous oversight...
  2. Bump - its ridiculous, there doesn't seem to be a straightforward guide anywhere to doing so
  3. So this is one i'm curious about - i realised during a game that i'm a few seasons into that at least one club badge and a player image was changed since I started said game - how does that happen? I know all this information is obtained from soccerwiki and those images are constantly being updated but for instance, the existing player image was updated to the new one from soccerwiki in my game but then players such as Curtis Jones and Bobby Duncan from Liverpool, which had no player images when i started the game still have none even though on soccerwiki they do. So i'm just wondering how the images have been updated midgame for some players but not for others (specifically those without images to begin with) Also, how does it work on soccerwiki exactly? I've updated some player images on the site and I know they get voted on by other members to be approved or not but typically how long does it take for a new image to be approved and replace the old one? Thanks!
  4. I do find it really ridiculous that you cant choose which players you want to train and for what drill. It's true, all the youth players you dont want get chosen - this needs to be sorted out in the next update asap!
  5. Hi All, new user here... I am starting with Salford City in the National League but their Club badge is on this white square background and is low resolution (as a graphic designer, both of these things annoy me!) Question is, how would I go about changing this in a data pack to something like the attached? I've been reading about the data pack here but honestly the information is very vague! If someone could explain for a newbie like me i'd be very grateful!
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