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  1. Ok you see this? It s disgusting. 88 overall player, it stopped gaining experience for next overall from training. He s stuck at 88 at just 18 years. His overall is 99 But worse. Why he values as an 88 rating at 18 years just 13,5 milions What is wrong with this... Solve your problems (edit 1) this happenes to any player. He s got the value or lower than the price i buy him
  2. up please i want developers to see that
  3. Overall and potential are bugged Also player s values My 91 rated DOnnaruma has 99 potential at 23 years but he stopped developing Also this happenes to lots of players that s just an example Also the players grow but their price never De jong 92 rated 24 years is just 56 mili euros Solve your overall potential and value bugs thanks
  4. same problem here... i have this problem since 1.0.8.... i just started a new game and that bug happened again... i have huawei too btw i need help because i cant play at all... if i start a new career in 2020 or 2021 it will freeze with that continue button
  5. Vladgc09

    Loading screen

    Loaing screen after game don t let me to keep playing. after i play a game in 26 feb 2020 (spurs-brighton) i got that loading screen that spins like forever and i cant continue playing... can you help me?
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