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  1. I've tried different tactics, different instructions but my team cant have more than 30% of possesion in any game...it doesnt matter if I play against strong or weak oponnent. Its always the same case.
  2. Well..never tried this..🤣 I'll check it out.
  3. Hajduk was founded 1911, in Prague, in centuries old pub "U Fleku" by a group of students from Split. In 1926, in honour of the club's 15th birthday, composer Ivo Tijardović dedicated an operetta "Kraljica Baluna" to the club, making it the only club in the world to have its own operetta. In 1948–49, Hajduk visited Australia and became the first team from Yugoslavia to play on all continents. The club won the 1950 Yugoslav championship without single loss. Fast forward 4 decades because Hajduk's history is too big.... In the wake of national tensions which would eventually lead to Yugoslav Wars, during a tour in Australia, Hajduk restored its traditional emblem with the Croatian checkerboard, omitting the red star and sparking a massive crowd celebrations upon return. In September of that same year, a home match against Partizan would be cancelled in the 73rd minute due to the crowd entering the pitch and burning the Yugoslav flag. Later, on 8 May 1991, Hajduk won the last held Yugoslav Cup final, defeating that year's European champions Red Star in Belgrade with a goal scored by Bokšić. Tito's trophy for Yugoslav Cup winners was therefore awarded to Hajduk to stay in the club's permanent possession. The 1994–95 season still standing as the most successful since playing in independent Croatia. Hajduk entered that year's UEFA Champions League.After entering the group stage, Hajduk finished second behind Benfica, ahead of Steaua București and Anderlecht, before losing in the quarter-finals to eventual champions Ajax (0–0, 0–3). Domestically, the club won its first and (as of yet) last double crown. However, even though the team was performing well, the club was financially poorly managed, accumulating a massive financial loss that led to blocking of club's account. Fast forward two more decades... During the time domestic results are considered of secondary issue, as many consider Croatian Football Federation and entire league system to be under control of Dinamo's unofficial chairman Zdravko Mamić. Notable successes include 2–0 away win over Internazionale and winning the 2012–13 Croatian Cup. By the end of 2016, the club numbered 43.339 members, more than any club in the region. A little bit about the fans... Hajduk Split supporters, Torcida, were formed on 28 October 1950 by a group of students in Zagreb, and it's the oldest firm in Europe.They took their name from the Brazilian fan group they idolized, which comes from the Portuguese 'torcer' which means 'to cheer on'. "Hajduk lives forever" is their slogan. If you want to know more about this great great club, you can go to wikipedia. As well, watch some videos on youtube about Torcida Split.
  4. My first game on SM 2020...it went really well....cmon Hajduk Split😊
  5. easy win, great way to open the season
  6. I thought that as the manager’s career progresses, he begins to build a reputation based on what he has achieved in the same way Sam Allardyce is know as a club saver. The reputation is written about in the press and discussed by fans and will give a manager an advantage in getting a job if he known to have had success in a particular situation be it relegation, developing youth, possession based football, etc... Idk if this is possible but it would be a neat feature to have
  7. Things are looking quite well, new update is waiting approval by moderator :3
  8. if price tag will make sure that game is more polished and bug free I would be willing to pay 5 usd, 10, or whatever the price would be.
  9. Quite few things we need to go over in this update .D First, we have signed one new player, bought him with SM Credits, cuz, you know, Berwick Rangers aren't exactly the most richest club in the world lol . He's excellent for this level and he will help us alot in our quest for promotion to Leauge One. The bad thing is, we are giving him 4k euros in wages, that is hurting our finances Second, we've got the first managerial offer from another team, Livingston, they are playing in Premiership. Of course, I've rejected the offer because this is story about Berwick, soon to be the best club in Scotland, or at least, try to be the best club in Scotland. Now onto the games. Game against Cowdenbeath, it was really boring, only highlight came in 89th minute when Knox tried to shoot from long distance but that finished in row Z. Game finished 0:0. Next game was home game against Clyde, and what a performance from the boys. Absolutely trashed Clyde. We kept them on only one shot. Another clean sheet for the Borderers. Game against Albion Rovers was much tougher than I thought it will be. We really struggled to create some chances, but then Knox showed up in 71st minute, and we took another 3 points. Game against Elgin City was another classy performance from the boys. Knox scored the hat-trick in this one. I'm really scared what we will do without him next season. I should buy some SM credits , so I can improve my balance lmfao. Stirling Albion was next, and yet another game in which one we scored 4 goals, we conceded again, but I dont care until we are winning by big margin Game against Peterhead was really special for us. We really wanted to revenge the loss earlier in the season, but it was yet another boring game, without any major chances. After 12 games we are first in the division, 9 points clear at the top and with the best goal difference by far. We need to keep up this kind of form, and soon, we will be celebrating promotion to League One. Last thing, the board seem to be very happy with our season so far, if only we could improve our finances lmao.
  10. yeah, like, that was their first shot on the target lmao...and then lost on the pens...oh well, we can concetrate on the league now :P and things in the league are going quite well for us
  11. Will be following it, good luck man!
  12. Woah, didnt expected that anyone is following the story lmao..yeah, sadly we are out of the cup, been better whole game, but conceded in 87th minute...rip...
  13. After 6 games in the league we are sitting in the first place. Just 3 points clear off Peterhead, but we have better goal difference. Knox is just killing it. Best goal scorer in the division, and he has most assists. See is performing really good, much better than I expected. We started the season with 4-4-2 formation, but after two defeats in a row, I changed formation to 4-3-3 attacking. With that formation we are yet to concede a goal, which is really interesting. I'm hoping that this good form will continue for a long time...man can only dream lmao COME ON THE BORDERERS!
  14. Any idea when SM2O will come out or its still unkown?
  15. We have played three frendlies against teams from our division and oh, what I can say? We took 3 points...3 draws. In the first game against Queen's park we had 2:0 lead in first half but managed to bottle it in 2nd half. Game against Albion Rovers was really boring, only 3 shots in whole game, nothing to write home about it. Against Annan Athletic we went 1:0 down in 1st minute. It stayed like that until 52nd minute when Knox slotted it home. 73rd minute and it was penalty for Berwick, Knox kept his cool and we were in the lead!!! Sadly in 89th minute Annan equalised, it was screamer from 20+ meters. Again, we couldn' t hold out.
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