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  1. Finally the application was updated, highly appreciated.But unfortunately the italian super cup is still skip without any match simulation.
  2. The same thing happened to me in 2 consecutive season.I reported this bug on help at the game setting. Issue Summary: supercoppa Italiana never play Issue Details: supercoppa Italiana match was skipped for 2 consecutive season and the result always lost (on the season game I beat Inter and Juve easily both home and away game) Countries selected at start: England Game Date(when issue was found): 30/7/2028 Device details; BRAND : Oppo MODEL : A5 2020 OS :Android VERSION : 9 (Android Pie) Let see how serious the SM support solve this issue.
  3. just find out by my self.It can be use to build the stadium
  4. Any body can assist me what is the cash amount shown on the bottom screen for?(marked red on attached picture) Thank you
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