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  1. Heres the following list: 1. release clause option added 2. pre season contracts 3. no potentials, rating growth based on form 4. loan offers can be 2 years 5. more transfer/loan offers 6. faster rating growth 7. selected training (choose specific players to train) 8. more regens 9. no selecting 4 countries option, once you start a career you should get offers worldwide depending on manager performance 10. more board objectives 11. sim games option 12. request funds option 13. more player requests 14. view career stats option 15. difficulty option (board objectives part 2) 16. more news on home screen, such as important transfers or rumors 17. card problem fix: too many yellow cards given to players which is starting to become unrealistic 18. transfer negotiation fix: any wage offer lower than what the player wants automatically is denied, and there is no editing to signing bonuses 19. merchandise sales/revenue should be more based on player popularity/form 20. option to stall when getting a manager offer from another club 21. option to create a second team ready to play
  2. The available tactics and such are great, but can there be an option to make a second/reserves team ready for a game? Constantly switching players is getting annoying. Also, can there be an option to sim through matches/seasons so careers go quicker?
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