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  1. More Sudamerican Leagues please :(
  2. Hope Soccer Manager, dont end like Championship Manager
  3. In the web, they said that they will include more Sudamerican leagues, but in 2020 beta there are the same as 2019, will be an update of the Sudamerican leagues, of they will be the same as SM 2019?
  4. Which new leagues have been added?
  5. And one more question, all the progress that I have would be deleted when the SM 20 is realeased?
  6. If I aplly today for be a beta tester, I could be aprove or not?
  7. Include the Ecuadorian League please
  8. Sad news, i recent play this year Soccer Manager but it is the best game of managing, I also buy Football Manager of SAGA, but I prefer your game, hope the SM20 have the Ecuadorian league please, if the SM20 have Ecuadorian League i will support the game!
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