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  1. I was able to play beta and now my phone is no longer compatible with the game. What do I do? Will I still be able to play SM21 this year?
  2. After the update,the menus and gameplay has become laggy. The game continues to crash during the games and while on the menus.
  3. I've updated my game and here is my feedback. I'm not sure what the update was supposed to fix or add,but personally nothing has changed. The game continues to crash more constantly compared to before the update. I can only sim 1 match and then the game crashes once I try to play the next.
  4. I've played with the new update and here are my thoughts. The fitness issue has been massively improved which is great. Injuries are still happening too often which sucks. My game is in a cycle where it let's me play a game but then crashes for the next game,it does this for every game over and over again. There is still the problem of clubs offering little money for my players but then asking for immense amounts for their own. A bug I'm experiencing is that when I'm moving a player to a position the game says " a bug has occurred in the saved game", it usually happens when I'm moving a player to AMC. Lastly, when a loading screen appears instead of a spinning wheel, it says "insert spinning text".
  5. So I got the new update and here is my feedback. Overall the game got better with the update. They fixed the fitness problems, however there is still an injury problem. I still get injuries every time I sim which is very annoying. Another thing is that the game crashes everytime I get to a new game. I'll get back on and I'll be able to play the game but then I'll make it to the next match and crash again,this happens over and over again. Another bug I'm experiencing is when I submit a offer for a player, I cant offer for example 40,000,000 instead I can only offer 4,000,000. It wont let me put in the final 0 it will just be stuck on 4,000,000. There is still the club offer for player problem where the other clubs always offers less money for your player and they still want an enormous offer for their players.
  6. Update: The crashing is starting to happen more frequently which is annoying. Fitness is starting to become a problem along with injuries. Anybody have some advice on how to get less injuries and get player fitness? I'm constantly having to play players with 50% fitness or less,its to the point where I have to rely on 50 rated players. Another issue which I dont know if it's just my tactics, but my team just seems to not score a lot and my higher rated strikers just seem to not score.
  7. I've been playing for three days now and here is my feedback. Overall the game has been great and I love the new features. There are a few problems and suggestions I have. Starting with the problems, first is that it seems that after a few days, the game crashes dont know why. Another problem is that after a game it seems to freeze on the end game scene. A few suggestions I have are that other teams should offer more money than a players value because when you bid for there players they always want an insane amount and when they bid for my players they always lowball me. Another suggestion is for us to receive more loan offers for players I only received two for a bunch of my players. The last suggestion I have is that players shouldn't get so many injuries,it seems like everyday I advance I always get a few injuries.
  8. Ever since I got the beta,I haven't been able to save any progress in the game. This really sucks and I hope it gets fixed soon.
  9. I figured out what the problem was,the game won't let me save my progress. It just says "error saving, try again later". I've tried over and over again but nothing.
  10. I played the game for about 30 minutes and left the game. I come back and there is no saved slot for me to return to... is this supposed to happen?
  11. Hey I got the invite and I downloaded the game,but when I open the app to just says that there is a new update. I go to the app store and there is nothing. What do I do?
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