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  1. In future updates bring in......: 1. Instant replay with zooming camera in and out! This should be in the pause menu and after goals and other key highlights 2. Highlights show at half-time and full time 3. Trophy celebration scenes! 4. A more realistic Goal.com You can make it look like a newspaper with headlines and full stories... Make it separate from our mail box! 5. More realistic awards winners and nominations, Its stupid for a player that played just one match to be nominated not to talk of winning! The third picture.... He wasn't even nominated! Our players never win awards except GKs 6. Post match conferences! And more interaction with the media
  2. It is good for you bcos the game just got a lot more annoying
  3. Please sm20 should give us freedom to place our players exactly where we want them.... And make the formations our selves. It should also give us reality in score lines and matches.....Also, goalkeepers are very annoying in this game and I have also seen players come in between passes and fail to stop the ball on many occasions.... Matches should be more real imagine a Barcelona with Neymar, coutinho, Messi and Suarez all starting and couldn't get a shot on target against bayern in 60 minutes at the camp nou, meanwhile, a Salah they bought in the January transfer window scored twice in the 2nd minute...... 2 goals within a minute??? Against ter Stegen?? It is so annoying. This needs to be fixed in the new version. Something like that won't happen in real life no matter the what. At least no one is playing out of position. Also, I really don't know what happens in this game you pick barca you get 40m transfer budget and other clubs buy a players more than double your budget without selling anyone, in a window and when you manage those clubs you get peanuts for transfers?? How come?? E.g in my first season at barca I got 40m for transfers in that same window Bayern bought weigl for 63m. City got kante for 74m and in January, bayern bought Salah for 109m without selling in both windows and even Villarreal could buy both rakitic and semedo from me for 37m and 29m respectively in the same window without selling so is Villarreal richer than barca?? 😏😏. We want reality
  4. I want to give suggestions on soccer manager 2019 I will like to make a list of things every soccer manager player would like to see in the 2020 version. 1. Reduced system requirements so people with lower devices can also enjoy. 2. Ability to download and save data packs permanently and then play offline. 3. Setting 3 players for each sat piece and captaincy. 4. More realistic transfer budgets(30m for PSG????) 5. Ability to call the board and request for funds. 6. We should select players we wish to train. We should be able to monitor our players' improvements. 7. Ability to set ticket prices. 8. Sponsors 9. Pre-season tour. 10. Ability to reward players when they perform well and behave professionally. 11. Release clauses and we should be able to set ours too. 12. When we sign popular players, our club should be more popular and attendance should increase. MORE SUGGESTIONS STILL TO COME.....
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