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  1. Now The Final Score & Game result Won't Load. It just spins. This game is becoming a disappointment, a rip-off and frankly it's becoming a fucking waste of time.
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    More Bugs

    I took advantage of buying a player in the "Spotlight" window. I bought Paul Pogba. So why is it when playing in the EPL and I play against Man Utd that Paul Pogba is still on Man United and playing against my team? Another issue is with substitutions. I have noticed on a number of occasions where substituted players are still in the game play after being taken off. The substitutes are not recognized in the player ratings in game or at the end of the match. Red Cards. Even with "Tackling Style" set to normal and Pressing only in my own 1/2 of the field far too many players, who in real football hardly commit any fouls, are receiving red cards. You need to revisit your match engine!!
  3. The "form" numbers are the corresponding player ratings over the past games your team has played.
  4. I received a notice that a new version of the game is available. What are the benefits, if any, of this upgrade? I am already in the middle of a game. What happens to that if I upgrade? Can I opt out off the upgrade? There should be a post on line for this. I don't see one. Did I miss it?
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