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  1. 1) Add Greece's 2nd division, Romanian league, Bulgarian League 2) Make it so the graphics can be adjusted (my phone has problems with fps). 3) Release clauses on players 4)VERY IMPORTANT: Loan with obligation to buy, it would make the game a lot better. 5) *IMPORTANT* increase a player's value based on their performance 6) Request funds from the board 7) Sponsors (Come up with your own fake names and logos), A sponsor gives an initial amount straight to your budget and also grants you bonuses ( for wins, for goals etc.) 😎😎( 8 ) Make it so we don't have to choose up to 3 or 4 countries, instead change it so we can see all the players stats (by either scouting or already knowing their stats) and also the transfers they make and of course league tables. 9) *IMPORTANT* Awards, such as: ballon dor, every league's player of the season, every continent's player of the season, best XI of each tournament. 10) *IMPORTANT* International Competitions: World Cup, Gold Cup, Euro, Nations League, Asian Cup, Africa Cup, Confederations Cup, (also add club world cup, cuz why not 😁) 10) realistic transfer budgets 11) *VERY IMPORTANT* Sim match option 12) Be active with regular squad updates (Add players, change potentials based on real life performance, remove players, transfers, contract extensions) 13) Add social media and chatting with players, also press conferences would be an interesting addition 14) Individual training 15) Keep in mind this: The more realistic, the better Also, believe it or not this game has the potential to be better than fifa, this could only happen if this changes are applied to the next game!
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