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  1. This is very rare as i havent known about him
  2. Aahaan


    is there any 'modern' keeper available in the entire game
  3. can players be exchanged in soccer manager 2020? also when will the open beta be released?
  4. messi rejected chelsea but accepted after i won the quadruple next season
  5. moise kean is the best. he is sure 93+ in 5-6 years and is very cheap early in the game
  6. ask Mr Theo. the beta testing is only for mobile users
  7. Chiesa Moise Kean Vinicus Junior These are good young and cheap strikers that develop in 90+ rated players
  8. Try to boost his morale if it is down Fitness of the player also affects the form Try setting the players position and role to what he prefers
  9. ne demek istiyorsun
  10. you could have at least credited me for using my comment
  11. Aahaan


    I signed up for the early access but got no reply even after 4 days. Does this mean that i will not get early access?
  12. Also manager of the year award
  13. Option to substitute fourth player in extra time during knockout games
  14. I am a Soccer Manager 19 fan and I have a few requests for the upcoming Soccer Manager 2020 that would make the already excellent game even more interesting. International games and tournaments such as world cup, euro etc. Ability to skip games by using assistant manager or automatic simulation Better players from youth academy Filtering players using their rating as a criteria Better transfer budgets (ability to ask club for a larger budget) Cup tournaments such as coppa italia to be played over two legs Manager interaction with media Ability to train individual players Ability to substitute more than 3 players during friendlies Have a better preseason Possibility of coach being sacked after poor results More leagues (possibly the Indian league) Best coach award after every season(possibly best player, goalkeeper, best 11 etc. awards as well) Also in SM 19 a few players such as Suarez retired after 1 season which is probably impossible now that we are in 2019. I hope such incidences don't occur in SM 20
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