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  1. I agree with some of the ideas I know it's been said but from my experience here's what I think.... 1: pre season is a must with better friendlies or even tournaments 2: transfer budgets to be a bit more realistic with clubs buying so they so called big clubs can at least keep up like the real world 3: release clauses in contracts, players asking to move if your not competing 4: Managers get sacked after bad run if results, possibly leading to the manager roulette 5: formation is a BIG ONE FOR ME!!! We need to be able to choose our own, so we can implement our own plan as is really restrictive and annoying 7: being able to train players ONLY YOU WANT TO IMPROVE!!!! having a reserve boast isn't really that helpful 8: if V.A.R is implemented maybe adding momentum swing in games where if one team is on top and a decision goes against them you can slowly increase possession and even out balance 9: being able to pick 5 leagues not 4 so at least we can have English, french, German, Spanish and Italian leagues going nobody likes leaving one of the big leagues out sometimes starting the game is a big decision which league shall I leave out?????
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