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  1. Braeriach

    Various thoughts

    After playing the game for a while I have the following suggestions. 1. Coach that gives you a scout report on each player in your team. When you get youth promotion you know very little about the potential of the player so you have to sell them to scout them. This is the most useful addition to the game for me. 2. You cannot scout free agent players or see any stats, so how about you can invite the to trial at the club and get your coach to report after training. 3. When promoted or win trophies your fanbase should increase. If you win the Premier league in your country or the champions league you should see good sized increase in support. 4. Ability to pick either the current bundle of prizes on manager level up, or one larger qty of one thing instead. I personally would rather have club points than money and free money can be overpowered for lower league teams. 5. Remove reserves from the list of potential players from training. I have to get rid of poor players completely fast rather than risk them getting trained instead of first tteam players. 6. Allow position modifications. Too many players are FLR or AMLR which are pretty useless in the formations given. Spend say 50 coins to change positions. 7. Allow extra club points to be transferred between games. When you have purchased club points you have to use them all in one game. They should be transferable if not spent. 8. Have clubs respond with "worth more" transfer requests with suggested value. 9. Have players value increased by being top or near top scorer in the league as currently that makes little difference to the player value.
  2. Braeriach


    I have noticed staying with the same formation, especially in Champions league games can be a mistake. I usually play 3-4-1-2 in my league games, but switch to 4-4-2 for the CL. I also find that I have to set tackling to soft and pressing to own half to avoid too many red cards. If you look at the real life story of Leicester City you will see that what worked last year doesn't always work the next season. Saying that I feel that the key to winning games is using your scouting network to continually refresh your team and so give your opposition a constantly changing lineup of quality players. Morale seems to be quite important too and players low on morale will tend to be less effective. As for formation, as mentioned I usually play defensive 3-4-1-2 pressing own half mixed mixed and always buy young players who have potential to become world class, but you will find some scouts are better than others in finding these players.
  3. Braeriach

    Player positions

    I wanted to ask why some players have several positions but only seem to be able to play in some of the roles. I have a player D, DM, MLR and he cannot play in defence. Another player is DL, DM, MLC which seems odd as DM is central along with MLC so you should expect him to be DLC. Similarly a player is M, AMC but can only be used AMC. Perhaps a mistake with the single letter role? I am also puzzled about the number of AMLR players who cannot drop back to MLR as it is a similar role.