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  1. I've been a fan of soccer manager for two years and I have mixed thoughts about your game. Even though I enjoyed playing it a lot there is always space for improvement and in this case there is allt. Now I know, you cant include everything the fans request in your game since the time is limited and you work very hard to please your audience and we really do appreciate it. But please, take our suggestions in your consideration. So there we go... 1. Improve tactics: While we have the option to choose from a variety of formations, we are not able to edit them properly. We aren't able to move the players from the formation deeper or higher up on the field or give them specific instructions (eg. We can only choose advanced playmaker, box to box for a midfielder etc) while there are plenty other roles and instructions we can give to our players like the destroyer role etc. 2. Player retirement: That's a big issue since there some players retire too early For example, Nolito and Jesus Navas, in my opinion they can still play for 2-3 years. A good age to retire, in my opinion, is 35 depending always on the player, his physique, and other factors but retiring at 31??? That's too early. 3. Youth academy: Another big issue. Many of us have already maxed the youth academy but still not getting good or at least decent players that we can develop and make them a part of our team. 4. Training: Speaking about development, we should have the option to train each player individually and not only training sessions for the whole team. 5. Updated transfer market: We need features like Swap deals , loan with buy option, release clauses etc just like in the real world. 6. International management: This feature will be a great addition to the game since the players will be be able to manage their country through any kind of competition, something that we all have been waiting for. In SM18 when you added the world cup, and it was good but not allowing us to pick the best teams ... not cool. Competitions like Euro, Copa America ,Nations League, World cup would definitely improve the game overall and why you dont make it that every fourth season or there are qualifiers for each competition - like the champions league if you understand what I want to say. 7. Quit/lose job: The ability to quit you club and also the ability to be sacked if you dont meet the club's expectations or if you have a disastrous season. 8. Ability to communicate with the team: A feature that will allow us to praise the players after a good play/performance/training , and generally boost their morale or lower it depending on the things we say to the players. 9. Celebration/fiesta after winning a trophy. It would be nice to celebrate a league title at the end of the season along with the fans, the players and the staff. It would give us a little dose of excitement for the next season 10. The crowd is way too boring: Basicaly a dead crowd that doesn't move at all and once in a while makes some weird noises. Needs improvement. 11. Graphics and match engine: The match physics and gameplay aren't too bad but not too good either. And the graphics could have been better. Now I would like to suggest some little features that will give this game a little sparkle! -Manager of the year award - Balloon d'or, European golden shoe, league golden shoe, golden glove, ballon d'or nominees , young player of the year the most of individual awards the better... -Include Champions league, Europa league history. All in all: THE MORE realistic the game is, THE BETTER. The images below are about the retirement issue and the free placement of the players position (look at Salah's position in the formation). Credit to King Pacybits for the images.
  2. .DISCLAIMER: not my ideas but I definitely agree with the guy/girl who posted it. International games and tournaments such as world cup, euro etc. Ability to skip games by using assistant manager or automatic simulation Better players from youth academy Filtering players using their rating as a criteria Better transfer budgets (ability to ask club for a larger budget) Cup tournaments such as coppa italia to be played over two legs Manager interaction with media Ability to train individual players Ability to substitute more than 3 players during friendlies Have a better preseason Possibility of coach being sacked after poor results More leagues Best coach award after every season(possibly best player, goalkeeper, best 11 etc. awards as well) Also in SM 19 a few players such as Suarez retired after 1 season which is probably impossible now that we are in 2019. I hope such incidences don't occur in SM 20
  3. I think we need better updates than adding a league. The developer team should focus on improving the game in other aspects. First of all, make the crowd more lively. Secondly, the transfer system should be changed allowing us to make swap deals, loans with option to buy etc.like in the real world of football. Also, you should add personal honours for the players like the ballon d'or , golden shoe , european golden shoe etc. And dont forget the ballon d'or nominees and the manager awards at the end of the season. Besides all that , some minor bug fixes and a little more detail in the gameplay and its the prfect game... Im asking for too much i know but at least consider my ideas, I'm not the only one asking for these and will surely make a big impact on the game's popularity and of course on the fanbase.
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