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  1. @Theo(SM Support) why this tournaments? At least tournaments with trophies... If you don't have plans for football clash, don't destroy it more..
  2. Hi. @Theo(SM Support), so we just want simple things, like release the new players that you promisse, change tournaments every week, remove the boosts and old trophies.system. Hope you can do something. Regards.
  3. It's a shame. Was a good game, but there is no support. We just want any news or information about the future of this game.
  4. Why they still have football clash? Or forum? Don't answer here, in game support, nothing... Very sad, was a great game.
  5. Trafa


    Raphael aqui tens que escrever em inglês, mas é assim, no mercado todos os dias trocam os 3 jogadores que aparecem. Tens q esperar.
  6. First we need someone to answer.. in game support no answer, here no answer... Why they have a game if don't care about players? Yes an update would be great, and fix lag problems, remove cards, all old conversation about this game. Add Zanetti and other players who is missing..
  7. Trafa


    Hi all I played again this weekend, but after 4 months, the lag still the same, no updates, i'm waiting a reply from support around 1 month, nothing new. Whu you don't release the new players? Like Zanetti, and others who is missing? Join servers with asians, maybe new players to play. This game was so good and now is really dead. @C_Brennan@Sean(SM Support). Can you reply? Someone with suggestions to make this game great again? Regards.
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