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  1. Idk what that update add, but its still not possible to save game
  2. And after update you still cant save game
  3. The game just doesnt let me save, each time on new save. I cant even get to play first ucl match because when i crash there it just takes me back to 17/18 july
  4. True, unplayable because of update bug
  5. You can always use emulator to play on pc
  6. Ik android users can have access, its 14 september isnt it?
  7. So basically, tons of android users applied and they have to wait month for official release hmm Last year beta testers had to wait like week before official release to get beta access
  8. Sucks that only ios users got it, none android
  9. Most of it would be impossible to do, just saying
  10. had player that was scoring 65 goals each season
  11. Losttt


    Im beta tester and cant play beta ;d
  12. uh, playing 2 years already and still waiting for email FEELSBADMAN
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