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  1. yeah true , i never put money in this game , and i do good jobs in the teams i´ve managed\ i manage.
  2. why putting a FREE game into a paid game ?? i speak for myself and maybe the most thinks the same , we begun playing cuz the game was free and worth it trying , i doubt if it starts to charge money to start playing or keep playing , i bet that many users will stop playing it ,as myself included.
  3. i not think the online mode is way p2w , the only thing that i see an advantage being a gold sub is the possibility manage ur team in international comps and manage an NT , for the rest i see irrelevant tbh.
  4. is this game available in that app? if i start from the fb game app , it opens in the gameroom but the screen stays black forever , and why the function playing in the site was removed? it was the easiest and best option to playi it.
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