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  1. Hi open beta release in september
  2. Of course. I'm sorry, I wrote the same post in the SM20 forum, but it wasn't approved and so I tried it here. Thank you Is possible delete post?
  3. Hi, I know you are working hard to guarantee the best game for us and I thank you but could anyone tell us how the beta goes on? Whether it's okay or there are problems. If there will be a second phase of the closed beta or not and if you will release the open beta in September. In short, if there is any news? Thank you. P.S. As always sorry for my english
  4. Yesterday I wrote a post, but it hasn't been approved yet, it never happened to me before. And another my post is hidden. Can anyone tell me why?
  5. I've seen some videos of the beta and I'm happy to see some good and useful news and improvements. I would like, if it were possible, to add the national teams and the possibility of creating a personalized team. Sarebbe bello anche un miglioramento delle tattiche individuali dei giocatori. Add the ability to redeem players on loan. Change the rise of the fans, in sm2019 after having won all the fans is not increased me. Improve player development, in sm2019 was too slow. Thanks and sorry for my bad english. I know that some things aren't possible for Sm2020, but i hope.
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