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  1. Hi! Android invitatios will be sent out next week.
  2. Hi these are some ideas for Sm21. I hope that in Sm 2021 there will be national team. Improve team tactics and players directions. option for create new team from zero. Improve transfert. Maybe be manager of Team and National team in the same time. Manager match points : 50 for win, 25 for draw, 0 for lost. Write some your ideas Thanks
  3. Hola Franco Creo que si te registras al newsletter, tendras noticias. Lo siento por mi espaƱol.
  4. If you don't unistall sm 2020 i think yes, but i'm not sure. Sorry!
  5. Hi Will there be a beta for PC too? Thanks
  6. Nessuno

    SM Credits

    Hi. Sm20 release is in autumn for android, maybe open beta will be released today, but i'm not sure. For Steam SM20 will be release in December. SM20 and SM19 are two differnt game then i think you can't keep credits.
  7. Hi they said Autumn 2019, maybe October but im not sure.
  8. Hi, i think isn't possible get back, but open beta will be release soon.
  9. Nessuno


    Hi you can try with this tatctics
  10. Hi i answerd you in your post in rookie chat
  11. Nessuno


    Hi, you can try so 4-3-3B Width: narrow, Mentality: normal, Tempo: slow, High creativity, High pressing Passing: short, Attack style: mixed, Foward: ball in box, Wingers: make overlapping run, Midf: run at defence Defence Back line: High Gk: Modern Dc: ball playng, general difender Dr:both wingback DM:deep-Lying playmaker MC:both playmaker Am: Advance playmaker and Wide forward Fc:Deep-Lying Forward
  12. Hi, maybe in the player profile, but im not sure, sorry.
  13. Hi open beta release in september
  14. Hi. i Think you can try 4-2-3-1 A. Width: spaced, Mentality: normal, Tempo: slow or normal Passing: short, Attack style: mixed, Foward: ball in box, Wingers: make overlapping run, Midf: play ball Defence Back line: normal Dc: ball playng, general difender Dr:both wingback Dmc:box to box, back winning Amc:L/R wide foward/support strike, C Advance playmaker Fc: Target man
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