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  1. I support the motion. It really need fixing
  2. Please optimize the game very well, it drains phone battery and it make the phone heats up. Thanks SM
  3. Please work on tatics too, make it more balance. Players are not really playing the role being assigned to them and its poor. Please fix
  4. Please, you guys have to work really well on the transfers. You only get bids for your players within the league you playing in, there is no bid from other leagues. Like you playing in English league, we should be able to get bids for our players from other leagues, it will be more realistic. Moreso work on player fitness, nearly all my players get injured in training and work on tatics too, small teams always outsmart big teams, not realistic. Overall, work on 3D game engine. Thanks guys
  5. Players fitness is really poor, all players don't get fit for every match, even team chemistry rating is poor too. Please fix
  6. Just got an update from twitter. Android invites will be sent out in next 24hours. Thank yu SM
  7. Please Alex, just tell us the specific date. I'm getting more anxious and curious. Please tell us
  8. Thanks for the heads up. But please, don't let it extend this week cuz it will give me an heart break.
  9. Are we android users also getting our own beta invites today? To reduce all suspense, i'm so eager to play the game
  10. I have a challenge A challenge to avoid being relegated at the end of the season. Fighting a relegation battle
  11. I have never done that before. People sharing the apk has forfeit our chance of getting it, i hope the developer reconsider us😔
  12. I'm just eager to play the game, I'm a android user
  13. I mean i can follow and chat you on twitter, I'd like to see the ui of the game. I'm not asking you to share me the game app, just interface how the game looks in depth
  14. Ok bro, you don't mind sending interface of the games, when you played, i can dm you on twitter if you give me your handle
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