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  1. You need to chill. The premier league still only uses 3 subs. FIFA has not made 5 subs mandatory. If you want realism, then why did you not suggest empty stadiums?
  2. Is the steam version getting an update?
  3. I noticed in the pc version that formations cannot be changed during a match. Please solve that.
  4. Since it seems we are not going to get SM21 because of compatibility issues, then maybe they should update SM20 with new squad and teams data. Who's with me?
  5. Also beta tested, downloaded the first version, from the next update it was no longer compatible. Itel p51, Android 7.
  6. I think the game should have an option to not skip fixtures or results from competitions in not involved in. Eg if I'm in the championship, i have no business with the champions league, or if I've been knocked out of any cups I shouldn't see the results while I'm forwarding to the next match day. I feel it's just a waste of time. No?
  7. Like this issue concerns Nigerians a lot. Offline please. Data is not cheap in this country.
  8. What's the point of being a beta tester if my device is not compatible? I guess I'll wait for the full version. And please make it offline.
  9. I have the same problem. So I can't update it.
  10. Hi. I got the beta link the first 1000 people, it was initially compatible, but the new update version is no longer compatible with my itel p51 device. Please fix.
  11. I received the link to the play store sm21 beta, I downloaded and installed it, it launched, had the common no save issue which i heard have been fixed in the update, but now, my itel p51 which was previously compatible is now incompatible with the update version. That sucks cuz I was really looking forward to enjoy this game early. Please fix.
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