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  1. Mate, come on, give them a chance. There's more pressing issues than updated squads/rosters. Fix bugs first, harder bit. Update squads later on, easy bit. Remember beta access is used by companies to iron out bugs before full game releases. It's not early access to a full released game. Big difference.
  2. You might need to start again (Unless you have). Would try get clarification on this. Something bug fixes can't overwrite the problem in an existing game (if that makes sense...)
  3. DM Alex(SM Support) - I had the same issue that my email account was blocking their email attempt. Maybe the same for you.
  4. Unsure on the GK/Def part...they have said there were improving it so see what happens I guess
  5. I had a 5-4 match against AC Milan. Surely going to be a +10 somewhere down the line!
  6. Improving stamina after games in the manager section and training physical at least once makes a massive difference. My players are nearly always back to full stamina now. Maybe try this?
  7. The code stuff is suppose to be there. It pops up when you draw a circle. It's to help the devs identify issues more easily as you can send a screenshot over from it
  8. This is an Attacking corner. I’m Arsenal. I have a number of men in the box but there are no defenders. Safe to say I scored!
  9. You don't have to post the same thing everywhere. SM guys have already said they're sorting the problems out so be patient
  10. I feel your pain. I think grinding a higher manager and increasing the fitness bonus is going to help big time on that front. You probably should be training physical at least one of your sessions a week too as you get extra fitness per slot. I've just ran 2 physical sessions out of my 3 slots to give them 10 fitness boost. This has boosted my players to pretty much full. Going to maintain 1/3 as physical and see what happens
  11. Yeah it sounds like it would work. What about your fitness levels each game? And team chemistry as I think this is probably a big aspect of players playing to their full rating..
  12. Who have you bought in/sold? What tactics/system do you currently play etc.? After playing more though I think a big reason is that you can't field a fully fit full strength team as often as you'd like. I'm hoping as you grind more and upgrade facilities etc. that this impacts us less. Either that or the fitness drops/fatigue levels after a match are set maybe a little too high right now?
  13. @Alex(SM Support)Are we still on for an update today regarding the below?
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