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  1. xXPhantomzXx


    Does anyone have any starlets, wonderkids, good under the radar players, etc. they could advise me to buy. Cause so far i have found that Draxler is a good buy, Vinicius Junior and Martial are good shouts for those kind of player, but when they start getting older you need to replace them, so what have you found?
  2. xXPhantomzXx


    I have been using the 4-1-3-2 tactic for quite some time now and tbh it's my most used tactic, i also use a 4-3-1-2 for matches where i need to be more defensive, like against Juventus or Bayern in the Champions League. I don't usually switch the formation as it usually works pretty well. Instructions wise i go Fast-Attacking All over pressure and mixed passing and normal tackling. This has been the most effective for me. I win a lot of games this way. For instance in the 1st half of my career(Season 1) up until the winter transfer window with AC Milan i was dominating most games and either beating big teams like Roma and Napoli and drawing teams like Juventus ar Inter. Then i moved on to Manchester United and got them the treble by just using the tactic, with a slightly weaker team. The 2nd season with Man United I'm almost at the end of the season and i have yet lost or drawn a single game. I also have just conceded 2 goals in the whole entirety of the season, that being UCL(Rosenborg 1-2 MUFC and FA Cup Leicester 1-4 MUFC) I would also like to note since this tactic is an offensive based tactic, it works really well, for instance I've beaten Chelsea 4 times this season easily in the PL 3-0 ; 3-0 ; in a friendly 3-0 and in the League Cup 4-0(Chelsea are 2nd in the PL and 6 points behind me with 2 losses in the whole of the season so far.)