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  1. Maybe in a while you could have a look firsthand, those who are trying to solve it have not succeeded for more than 4 years. Someday they will abandon the investigation, which is void by the way.
  2. When I report a transfer or multi-account, the support tells me that it does not see irregularities, but often the complaint is also not processed. The guy makes use of bots, I don't know anything about computer science but I know he's doing something weird. When a team is free auromatically it stays. He has lots of equipment in his charge and all are inactive, all are activated automatically so as not to lose them. It is very obvious that he cheats, many managers have tried to denounce him for several years. This is my last resort.
  3. We need help in World League 7 Id: 15, we still have some managers who don't cheat but we all agree: we are very fed up
  4. Come on SM, this is a great game that stays in nothing if this can't be fixed
  5. It only takes common sense to see these traps in question Múltiples Cuentas (1580993762) Estado Cerrado Categoría Estafas/Abusos/Transferencias Bloqueadas Numero de ticket 1580993762 Soccer Manager dice 10 feb 2020 11:08:18 Gracias por informarnos. Hemos investigado y no hemos encontrado suficiente informacion para tomar alguna represalia sobre esas cuentas. Lo sentimos, no podemos
  6. Lamentable: Transferencia Ilegal (1580993298) Estado Cerrado Categoría Estafas/Abusos/Transferencias Bloqueadas Numero de ticket 1580993298 Soccer Manager dice 10 feb 2020 11:08:10 Gracias por prestarnos su atención. Nuestro Sistema Automático Monitorizado de Traspasos (SAMT) no ha encontrado ninguna trampa entre los managers reportados y los trapasos. El SAMT mira varios factores para ver si los manager
  7. First of all I apologize if this is not the right place for this. I've been playing SM for many years, but I never use the forum. I stopped playing like many and then came back because I love the game even though it has obvious mistakes that I don't care about. But if there is an important issue that will force me to leave the game if I don't get something exposing this here. The issue is the cheats in the standard game worlds, this may not be a topic to comment here, but I don't know what else to do. Reporting the traps does not work. It is evident that they are cheating, I
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