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  1. I couldn't agree more, the latest game is absolutely awful. I just don't know where to begin with how angry and disappointed I am with the latest iteration of the game. It's absolutely atrocious. They offer VIP upgrades and free credits for those willing to pay and/or invest time, both of which I am and have done. Yet I have just spent 2 hours repeatedly trying and continually failing to beat the bottom of the table side despite EVERYTHING being in my favour. Two hours. And not just this. I upgraded my training facilities, yet now my players improve less than before. What?? My training, youth and first team are all at a significantly higher standard than they have any right to be in the non league, yet the youth fester in the 30s skill wise, the first team can't win no matter what and only one player is improving in any way. It's absolutely ridiculous. This game has always been for me an absolute joy. I mean that, it's pure escapism and it's always been just the right level of challenging and remaining fun yet winnable. But they have completely removed the joy from it now. It's infuriating and awful. The match play is such a step down from last season...why?!! The home page is gauche and the league table not visible...why??? There are so many more glitches now, there always have been but they were liveable, now it's just adding insult to injury. The overwhelming number of statistics are no help whatsoever when clearly the result is predestined in almost every case. It's not even difficult, it's just completely, unrealistically unfair now. And to take money in exchange for this is just not on. At all. I note with great sadness that despite my formerly raised concerns they STILL lead with "ad free" for the VIP packages even though this is nothing like actually true. I am so incredibly disappointed with this release and so angry at the time and money I've spent on it already. I'd like to know if they have any plans whatsoever to fix things...or if this (what I experience as an) unfair, unwinnable, unenjoyable, unlikeable game is truly what they believe the public want and therefore what we're stuck with for another year. Going by the Google reviews (which all seem to tie in with my experience) I'd be beyond amazed if it was the latter but really, over to the devs.
  2. And if you decide to start again then the worst of all fears is realised. The team names are gone, to be replaced with the likes of "Nottingham Trinity" or "London Casuals". So sad. 😞
  3. Thanks for coming back Theo but that's a sidestep from what I clearly explained was the actual issue. The VIP version is sold with the headline "Ad Free". This isn't at the top of the list of benefits by accident. The game, once this is purchased, is as you have confirmed NOT ad free. Whether or not you believe the other benefits are worth it, and suggesting there is only one rather daft alternative, that of instant free boosts thereafter, is neither here nor there. It's false advertising, and it's underhand.
  4. I can't be the only person who paid the extra for the VIP version of 2020 based purely on the headline feature, "Ad Free", to then find out that in actual fact, this is a lie. I've been a huge fan of this game for many years now but this I find not only insulting but also surely false advertising. I'mnot just talking about the optional adverts in order to boost fitness either (although it does rankle that sometimes you are stuck with a training regime on a Sunday which then ticks over to a, say, Wednesday, leaving your players less than fit and requiring adverts to improve them), no, there are static ads when it loads, ads every month and ads for the second of the "free" gifts every 4 hours. How is this "ad free"?? It's not. I spend more of my time watching adverts in this version of SM than in any of the previous versions. I've written to the company but almost a month later have not heard back. It's just not on, not by a long shot. I'd be willing to pay more as a one off to lose the lot of them, but I resent paying to upgrade for something that was clearly untrue and positioned as the first of all the perks in order to hook people in.
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