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  1. This is big minus for game If you make online game, You must real reason like online database, or something else...not only to collect your personal data...
  2. I didnt start game from last transfers, You can checked on my email adress im game. Just cheched new version thats she have data update..if not i close game...im watching real football and see some player, i take this team but player missing...its so bad.. On other football manager all players can change database...only You make some protection, but i dont seen any reason for this....
  3. Č I know that, but some people play this game because of transfers. Want all changes on his hands. Please be correct with your game players. You can mske transfers every two days, or put online data update...i really dont understand why we waiting so long.
  4. This is not True. If i download json from soccerwiki, with new transfers, i dont have updates because json file only can change names or logos, but cant change transfers.
  5. Why did You release open version if You dont make transfer update. You can do like others, release after closing transfer window (14.10). There is no sense to play game with outdated squads.
  6. Update database. We didnt want to play with database from August...you lie in info from todays update. You didnt make transfer update
  7. Why did You write on market thats data updated Today. This is not True. Its lie
  8. Data update????? Suarez in Barcelona c'mon Soccer manager utd You are joking with us
  9. 15 Days after last transfer update, what soccermanager utd waiting, what they are worked? Optimizing? Hahaha.... nothing, many smartphone cant use game, many players dont have internet for online, many players dont play with ancient database..this is 21 century we are not idiots...yes game is free, but You living from our clicks...
  10. ...and what is reason why didnt update teams? Dont have time? Working on beta? This is like sm 2020 v.2.0 so many transfer missed
  11. I want to play sm2021 not game with older squads? Suarez in Atl.Madrid...and you ask why People want to play 2020 then this....what is s point with not update transfer, is that so hard...give to us to do it manualy...
  12. Install from the some other sources. They will work. You need clean apk file Sm2021
  13. Database is more then ten days old..to many transfer is not up to date... This is not version 2020, we want transfer changes
  14. How long we will wait for data update?
  15. Its good question. If you make online game, we except to have up to date squad because its possible. If i start new game, we want transfer update teams in real time. If you chose to make online game, you must give some objectiv reason for your fans.
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