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  1. Still wondering.. how can I manage the veterans simply disappearing? How can I limit the academy recruits that push out the veterans - seems that is happening.
  2. Thanks Theo.. seems that when you reach 2028 and beyond, and need to start over, you lose it all. Is that what I understand? Budget, training, stadium points all go back to zero, yes?
  3. I wrote in another thread about how I have mysteriously lost some veteran players. I am sick about it, and think about staring over. Now, I am in season 2028. If I start over in 2018, do I lose my manager history - the trophies, the stadium improvements, the training upgrades? If I simply go to another team in 2028, do I lose the trophies and improvements also? How is it best to restart the game play?
  4. I wrote in another thread about the program update that changed players on my roster. Related, but maybe distinct, is a problem I have with losing a couple veteran players. I know that they were on the roster at the beginning of the season because they started some early games. Now I am in to the March/end of this season and they disappeared. I checked my messages, and there was nothing that announced these players had left the team. If they are under contract, how can they just leave the team, even if they were sitting in reserves? I am concerned that they were pushed off the team (without my consent or agreement) to make room for youth players. This spawning of youth players has become a huge problem. I am getting a lot of them, and when I try and delete them I get a message telling me that “the chairman” has blocked my move. I have looked for my two missing veterans on other teams, and I cannot find them anywhere. What has happened. How can I control my roster better when mysterious things are happening? How do I bring my veterans back?
  5. I understand that the update gremlin had to do with youth players. I am missing two veteran players, Jordan Ferri and Anthony Lopes. I do a search and don’t find them with any other team. I went back through all my messages, and there was no notice that they left the team. I was careful to watch the off-season retirements. They just seemed to disappear, and I am wondering if all the youth player “spawning” that I have seen - whether that inadvertently pushed them off the roster. Since the last update, I am less confident in the program. Any explanation?
  6. Sorry for the panic, but if I don’t have my SM for the metro ride to work, it is crisis. I restarted my device, and the program started just fine. I still don’t understand what data pack I am using, or how it makes a difference - the world’s players are all the same.
  7. I see on the internet a variety of data packs. How do I know the default pack that I started with? How do I get the program to open again?
  8. I don’t know if this is related, but this morning I opened the program and got a page warning me about data packs. It sends me to a website that explains data packs. But I cannot open the program. How can I open an internet page, but not get my SM program to work? I hope that I haven’t lost all my game history!
  9. I don’t know what happened, but today the prior names of the players on my team were restored. With familiar names, I was again able to manage the team without confusion. Thanks for whatever was done to correct the problem..
  10. I want my old team back. How can SM just up and change a major part of my roster with one update? Can’t I have my old team back?
  11. Anyone have some very strange things happen when the latest update was dropped this week? Many of my players now have different names. It is very strange. I feel like a stranger to my team.
  12. Each player has a series of “form” numbers. I don’t find a key to know what areas the numbers correspond to.. Anyone know how to decipher these player stats?
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