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  1. I just deleted a save I had 20+ years of progress on when I went to start a new one. This all happened because my finger slipped when scrolling, you need to add a pop-up warning you that you're about to overwrite a save game - to stop things like this happening, I imagine there's no way to get that save back but please add that one little pop-up to stop this happening to anyone else
  2. Make sure they're young (under 25-ish) and play them in the correct position and do training, they'll improve eventually
  3. Dave-O

    Change teams

    How many countries did you select at the start of the game, you probably only picked England
  4. Hi there, I came up with this challenge to complete and I thought some of you would enjoy it as well Time Machine Win the league and appear in a UCL final with these historic winners Denmark - Brondby France - Souchaux England - Preston Netherlands - Sparta Rotterdam Greece - Aris Croatia - Hadjuk Split Sweden - Goteborg Spain - Bilbao Italy - Genoa Germany - Karlsruher Portugal - Belenenses Russia - Dynamo Moskva Scotland - Dumbarton Turkey - Istanbulspor Belgium - Circle Brugge Switzerland - Zurich Austria - Rapid Wien Ukraine - Zorya Luhansk
  5. That's how football works... If it was solely based off skill alone, it would be boring and unrealistic. If football was ONLY about skill, then it would be really boring, big teams would win every single match, and underdog stories wouldn't exist - they'd just lose
  6. Dave-O

    Fitness bug

    This player had a 12 week injury and I was surprised to see a full fitness bar, intrigued, I had a look and noticed this I'm not sure what (if any) bugs this will cause when he is recovered, but I shall update this once I find out
  7. I'm pretty sure it's neither, you just end up with the cash which your next club has in the balance because that's what would happen in real life, it's not your money, it's the club's so they'd keep it
  8. Is there any chance you could change the job offers which appear without you applying for them, to show up in the inbox rather than a whole new screen, I find it really infuriating because for the challenge I have set myself, it would be useful to see the actual league table rather than just that team's position, it's all well and good them being in 2nd but I need to know by how far, also it would be better to see the player's ability rather than their values. Hope this is would get added as an update, or for sm21, Cheers, Dave
  9. If you have the money - you need to sign Moise Kean from Everton. I signed him on my Forest Green RTG and by 2025 he was 99 rated. Also you should keepan eye on Pierre-Emerick Aubamayang, because when he retires you need to search for a 19 year old Gabonese Striker - if they have a higher value than everyone else it'll be him - becuase he's also 99 rated by 2026
  10. Any chance you could add back being sacked - I don't know if it's supposed to be in the game but I tested it - got relegated with Man City and didn't get sacked. If it isn't there then please add it - if it is there then it's not working properly
  11. November To start off November, we beat Burnley 4-1 with goals from Preece, Moraled, Cavalli and Agnew; we then had to play Man City in the 4th round of the league cup - we haven't had much success in this cup but hopefully this year we'll go a bit further. Well, this might turn out to be a struggle - by half-time they were 3-2 up thanks to 2 goals in 2 minutes from Jesus and a penalty from Kane. And that's how it stayed... there goes an invincible season; hopefully our league results will be better... Then we played Everton, and by half-time it was the exact same as the last m
  12. October To start the month off: - we beat Crystal Palace 3-2 with goals from Sid Agnew, Moise Kean and Brad Morales; absolutely thumped Norwich 6-0 with 2 goals from Kean and Boupendza whilst Kokir and Agnew got themselves one each. After the past 2 Champions League results I thought we might end up struggling in that competition, but we managed to calm my worries after Royo, Kean, Hernandes and Agnew scored 5 between them to make us beat PSV Eindhoven 5-1 which puts us 2nd in our group - 2 points off Atletico Madrid We then went to the Craven Cottage to play Fulham where we loo
  13. I'm pretty sure that it's only given at the very first season of the save, but I might be wrong
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