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  1. I'm doing the exact same as you, i have just won the prem and the way to expand your fanbase is by upgrading the club zone facilities and the stadium, then the fans will turn up
  2. If you want a long-term save you should go to a smaller club and buy free agents aged 20 and under, for example I've had a playthrough with Forest Green in League 2 and won the premier league in the 6th season using this policy. If you want to rise up through different clubs and spend no more than 1 season at a club then you should sign really old free agents because they usually have very high ratings and very cheap fees. Hope this helps - Dave
  3. Dave-O

    Invalid Lineup

    I've tried turning off the game, going through the entire transfer window again and the same issue pops up, please get this fixed, i was really enjoying that save
  4. Dave-O

    Invalid Lineup

    I am going into my second season as SCR Altach in the Austrian Bundesliga after spending the summer transfer window buying Free Agents. However when I try to play my first friendly of the season this message pops up, any ideas? - Dave Added a ss of my team to see if you can see anything I've missed but it seems fine to me
  5. I do apoligize, His name is Jason Cummings not Luke My bad
  6. Hi guys, I have found a very fast improving player for squads with an average rating of around 60 Luke Cummings of Nottingham Forest is a Loan Listed player on 5k wages and started the game on 52 rating It is currently January on my Luton Town save and he is already 60 rated I'm new to the forum so he may be known about but i assume he will rapidly grow over the course of a couple seasons because he is only 23 years old
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