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  1. Any reply from a game moderator or other Soccer Manager representative?
  2. Currently, the message I'm getting when trying to launch the 2016 Steam version is: "Game no longer supported, go download it somewhere else". I was wondering if it's still possible to play the game perhaps on a different platform, in a different environment or in some offline-mode, or something.
  3. Hey guys, The current 2019 version of this game isn't really the game for me, too complex and too much options. But that's just my personal opinion, of course ;) However, I loved the earlier versions of this game, especially 2016 (and 2015 & 2017 too) version. I was wondering if it is still possible to play this version in some way or another. I wouldn't mind if it's an outdated and/or unsupported version of the game. Hoping anyone can answer my question or point me somewhat in the right direction :) Thanks en best regards, Niels
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