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  1. Transfers: please let there be proper update on each team. Bernard Fernández, icardi etc. I know its time consuming and hard but prioritise the famous teams in each league. Realistic : Pls let it be more realistic, lines man, referee, v. A. R. More life to the fans/ crowd. Display each team line ups for the game begins and players taking to position on field. COMPLAIN: please and please let our players to be bargained for at a reasonable price. KINDLY stop offer of manager positions when one hasn't even ended a season of another club. BRILLIANT IDEA: let it there be a Bluetooth game play where u can connect and form cup or league with friends and can be saved and played when connected with the next opponet(friend) to be played with regardless of if the others are disconnected. Updates will be seen when next the connect to the competition and we should have the option of either watching the match or playing our personal league. If Bluetooth won't do. Hot-spot will. Thank you for your time, game and this platform
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