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  1. DaveB

    SM2019 BUG

    Game has now duplicated my Facebook and given a second save slot. But still not recognised my vip purchase or credited back yellow tokens.
  2. DaveB

    SM2019 BUG

    Hi now submitted as big report via game.
  3. DaveB

    Player fitness 4186%

    Hi see admin message above. Send report via game sends the sav file to them
  4. DaveB

    SM2019 BUG

    Issue Summary: As of 08.55am 12/Nov/2019 in real time I had over 500 of the yellow tokens, nearer 600 but only 100 recorded. Also system has forgotten I purchased the VIP membership. Issue Details: Countries selected at start: Game Date(when issue was found): UK Device details; BRAND : Samsung MODEL : S9 - SM-G960F OS : Android 9 VERSION : Android 9 Kenel 4.9-59 Any Additional Information(What can we do to reproduce the issue?): Playing SM2019 - as I did not realise there was a 2020. Screen shows I have played to 24/May/2010 but system is recording a saved date of 12/Nov/2019. I paid the £5.99 GBP for VIP Package (Soccer Manager 2019 - Top Football Management Game) (by Soccer Manager Ltd), back on 31 Oct 2019. I have the play store order details if needed. Am not in Football Clash: All-Stars League ?? Please help as I was enjoying this game
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