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  1. Issue Summary:   As  of 08.55am 12/Nov/2019 in real time I had  over 500 of the yellow tokens, nearer 600 but only 100 recorded.   
    Also system has forgotten I purchased the VIP membership.

    Issue Details:

    Countries selected at start:
    Game Date(when issue was found):    UK
    Device details;

                  BRAND            :    Samsung 

                  MODEL            :     S9 -  SM-G960F

                  OS                    :    Android 9

                  VERSION        :        Android 9   Kenel  4.9-59

    Any Additional Information(What can we do to reproduce the issue?):

    Playing SM2019 - as I did not realise there was a 2020.

    Screen shows I have played to 24/May/2010 but system is recording a saved date of 12/Nov/2019.   

    I paid the £5.99 GBP for VIP Package (Soccer Manager 2019 - Top Football Management Game) (by Soccer Manager Ltd), back on 31 Oct 2019.  I have the play store order details if needed.

    Am not in Football Clash: All-Stars League ??

    Please help as I was enjoying this game

    sm2019 error.jpg

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