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  1. @Theo(SM Support) How? I’m playing on the iphone and update isn’t available on my AppStore.
  2. Hi.What happenings?? In 2 days I have 3 or more bugs...
  3. Hi Theo, Could you please introduce romanian league in this version? It s possible? In Romania, there are many people who play this game.I apologize for writing here but nobody answered me. Regards, Bogdan
  4. Hi.Could you please introduce romanian league and national teams at the new version of this game or in future? It possible? Thanks.
  5. Salut.Nici la ultima versiune nu apare.Bine ca in fifa au bagat si in jocul asta nu..
  6. Hy.How can I add Romanian league for the last version of this game? If it possible?
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