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  1. Well you should be , sm21 is a dissaster compared to sm20 And you're focus is aimed wrong All you guy's needed to do is to update sm20 and fix some bugs , but you wasted a year of making sm21 and made it so bad that it's not playable to put it simply
  2. Just let him play few games and he will be happier
  3. Can you guys do an update on this game? I'm not enjoying SM21 so I'm still playing SM20 and I would love to see an update , fixed loan system and money system, the number of people on stadiums should be higher
  4. Please remove chemistry Make players sellebl (I know I butchered the word but you guys will get it) by that I mean remove ther personality in that regard Put back SM20 tactic option , it was by far better when I just click on the player and saw what he likes to play and just change it in 'he's' manu
  5. CRV-1

    Game is crashing

    game crashes on every 4th match, and its not my phone that is a problem, I reset the phone,lost everything I had on it,download the game again and its all the same, this started happening with last update, I dont know why but you guys really need to fix this
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