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  1. t0k3m0nk3y


    Hi Theo and thanks for the reply. I will most definitely try these things out. My latest signing of Danny Drinkwater is a prime example. He was in Chelsea reserves so I snapped him up for £8m. He started off with the green up arrow and within 8 games his morale was at a massive low. He's my highest paid player and I'm playing him in his preferrd position. I just find it difficult to believe he would drop so low so quickly. Part of me believes it's a company ploy 🤔, lower Morales so more people feel inclined to purchase coins to do the 'Morale Boost' 😂
  2. t0k3m0nk3y


    Hi all, just a quick question regarding player Morale. So I'm in my second season as Ipswich Town and am doing well. We're top of the league and having a good league cup run. Problem is around 6 of my first team have rather low morale... and when I say rather low I mean red arrows for all. My question then I guess is how do i raise morale without it costing me coins? I can' talk to the players and contracts negotiations are non-existent. What can I do as it's starting to affect the teams performance. Thanks all and Happy New Year