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  1. As a emerging and growing league, I think Soccer Manager 2021 should include the INDIAN SUPER LEAGUE, it is the top-tier league of India and includes 10 clubs(+2 clubs joining next season) with 4 playoff spots for the final. The Winners will get an AFC Champions League Group Stage Spot while the runners-up will get the AFC Cup equivalent. The country also has a cup tournament named the Super Cup in which clubs from the I-League(the soon to be 2nd Division) and Indian Super League compete against each other. It is the second most viewed football league in Asia, just behind the Chinese. As a continental game, I also suggest the next edition of Soccer Manager should include the FIFA Club World Cup where the winners of Copa Libertadores, UEFA Champions League, AFC Champions League, CONCACAF Champions League, CAF Champions League, and OFC Champions League compete against each other. It'll be great for Road-to-Glories and just playing as the manager of Liverpool. I'll surely be looking forward to these in the next edition.🙄 Thanks for Creating such a game.
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